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We specialize in Zinc Plating

Standard Plating

Grove Plating currently specializes in the following Trivalent Chromates:

- Zinc & Trivalent Clear
- Zinc & Trivalent Yellow
- Zinc & Trivalent Black

Grove Plating also specializes in Plating and Chromate on Zinc Die cast.

Specialty & Custom Plating

GMW 4205 Grove Plating is currently offering a Zinc Iron Trivalent Black Chromate. The iron additive added to the zinc plating increases the salt spray hours to a range of 200/240 hours to white rust and 400 to red rust! Ask about our many specialty services.

A Few of our other services

  • - Acid Dipping
  • - Baking (Relieves Hydrogen Embrittlement)
  • - Chromate Impregnation (No zinc plating)
  • - Cryogenic Deflashing (De-Burring)
  • - Dyes (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet)
  • - Lite Oil Application
  • - Post Dip Finishes (Black, Olive, Yellow)
  • - Sealers (Extends salt spray results)
  • - Stripping & Cleaning and/or Re-Plating of parts
  • - Wax Dip / UV Available (Adds lubricity to parts)

Salt Spray Hours

Do you have specific salt spray requirements to meet? The chart below shows approximate salt spray protection hours according to plating type and thickness. The first number is to White Rust and the second number is to Red Rust:

Trivalent (RoHs Compliant)

Chromate Finish Comm. .0002 .0003 .0005
Clear 8/30 12/60 20/80 30/130
Clear w/Sealer   94/145 120/165 145/225
Yellow w/Sealer   100/175 125/210 175/250
Tri-Clear w/Sealer   175/255 195/325 225/420
Black Trivalent   240/330 275/375 340/475
We are constantly updating and adding services. Don't see what you're
looking for? Call us. We have many different post finish options available.
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